About Bar H Equine

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The Bar H Story
The Bar H Equine Company is a Family held Corporation founded in 2009 by the Howard Family of Texas. Our Company provides High quality Tack at affordable prices. Bar H Equine continues to be the leader in Western Tack Creations and Designs including Red River Tack Collection.

Bar H Equine
Bar H Equine provides a complete line of Tack and Accessories including Stock and Custom Saddles. Bar H Equine Saddle Lines include Bar H Saddlery, and the Ryan Motes Collection the Motes designs include Signature Ranch roper and Signature Team Roper Saddles which can be custom created to fit all needs. Mini-Motes Saddles are also available for our younger riders. The Bar H Saddlery Brand has tailor made hundreds of unique Saddles, such as Barrel Saddles, Trophy Saddles, Trail Saddles, Pleasure Saddles and All Around Saddles. We also carry and custom order adult and youth Saddles. Call Toll Free for quotes and pricing at .

Bar H Saddlery
Bar H launched what was billed the “World’s Next Great Saddle Brand” in 2011 and within three months established a network of au­thorized dealers across the United States and Canada. Four years later, Bar H Saddlery has delivered hundreds of custom saddles each year and in 2014 started a high end award line that has proven to be successful to many.

Ryan Motes Collection
In 2012, PRCA Team Roper, Ryan Motes joined the Bar H family and helped design the Ryan Motes Signature Saddle and that began the Ryan Motes Signature Collection. This year Ryan designed a Ranch Roper. Both of these saddles, along with matching tack, are available in dealers throughout and have sold tremendously well.

Red River Brand
The Red River Brand of classic, affordable tack officially launched in Denver during the 2013 show and is available through all current and new Bar H Equine retail partners. Barrel saddles designed for the youth and novice riders have been sold with great acceptance.

Thank You
We would personally like to thank you for a great 5 years. Your support has been a blessing and we promise to hold our family company to the highest standards in quality, great prices and above all excellent customer service.

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